Soundproof Diesel Generator Enclosure

All the soundproof generator enclosures Jinghuan manufactured are custom-made

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All the soundproof generator enclosures Jinghuan manufactured are custom-made.The key features as following:

1. detachable and reusable, it can be shifted to other place you required.

2. environmental economy, all used sound insulation materials are environmentfriendly.

3. good noise reduction effect: sound reduction by 40dB(A) or customized.

4. reasonable design and structure : equiped comfortable ventilation system and available lighting system

5.exquisite appearance


Who we are and what can you find by us?

We are manufacturer of noise control and sound insulation system for 17 years since 2003.

We provide acoustic testing laborary such as anechoic chamber, silent room, audiometric room, for noise testing of your products, to make your product more sophisticated.

We can provide industry noise reduction system such as soundproof room, soundproof enclosure, soundproof box, for noise reduction of your factory, production line and equipmemt, to help you create a comfortable and healthy working envirenment.

We also supply aoustic materials such as sound absorption wedges, sound-absorbing panels and mufflers, to assist you improve the soundproof effect of your products.

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