Production Line Cabinet Sound Isolation Room

The production line static sound box is a kind of sound insulation testing device which is designed for the product manufacturing workshop with test requirements. Through the acoustic processing, the quiet sound box is a small low noise box.It can test the small products, such as sound, instruments, etc.. The static sound box is mainly designed and produced by the sound environment and detection process.

Detail produk

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Name: Production line static sound box

Materia: Steel plate, professional sound absorption materials

Shape: Rectangular or square

Color: White, green or customized

Function: Noise testing of small products

Application: The production line

Speciality: the acoustic effect is remarkable and high flexibility

Product Size: Customized

Place of Origin: China

Product characteristics

1. easy to install and remove

2. with fire prevention, heat resistance,strong and durable materials,it is applicable to both inside and outside the room

3. With ventilation system and lighting system,according to user requirements with air conditioning

4. beautiful appearance,custom color

5. high sound absorption and sound insulation effct

6. high flexibility

7. convenient to test

Packaging Details

1. Standard Packing: Bubble pack and wooden cases

2. Packing method can be also changed according to the clients 0010010 #39; special requirement

Packing scene picture

Double packing,double protection

Package and shipment


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